Whisky Club

Share & Enjoy!

The simple purpose of our club is to share and enjoy whisky among ourselves and with other whisky enthusiasts.

Besides whiskies available on broad market, we have been acquiring single casks just for our Club. True to our mission, we have extended this program and have purchased a few casks together with other whisky enthusiasts, among others within the CMWS group.

And we also started to organize irregular DoG sessions -
Discussion over a Glass is session for a small group of people with a representative of a whisky distillery, providing a great platform for open information exchange.

Our Private casks

We are excited that despite covid and lockdown, we have been able to continue our quest and acquire some remarkable casks! For the list of single casks we've had a chance to call ours, check the Whiskies page.

Must see

For some really interesting artifacts from our thirty plus years in the world of whisky, go to Specials.

All the photos on our website are non-chill-filtered and non-coloured.