Whisky Club «50OF5»

PF 2018

As the end of 2017 is drawing near, we would like to thank all the friends of our Club for the great whisky and personal moments during the last twelve months, and wish even more into 2018.

Our main task for 2018 is to decide about our next cask for our Club
What is yours?

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Club history

Five members from a group that studied at the Technical University Prague in 1980s decided to organize a joint 50th birthday celebration. Out of many crazy ideas, some stuck. And one of them gave the birth to our Club: We decided to get a special edition of Scotch single malt whisky just for us!

More about the «50OF5» whisky.
Come and have a chat with us at Upcoming events.

Recently, we created what we call DoG (Discussion over a Glass): A session for a small group of people with a representative of a whisky vendor, providing a great platform for open information exchange. 

All photos on our website are non-chill-filtered and non-coloured.

Kilchoman "50 of 5"