Whisky Club «50OF5»

Macallan Prices 2006
Plan to buy one of the more expensive Macallan expressions? 
Check what they cost just a few years ago!
Of course, if you purchased them at that time, you must feel well now :-)

Next Club bottling
At the beginning of 2018, we have decided to purchase a cask of whisky. Looks like that during April, we will be able to disclose more.

In contrast to previous bottlings for the club, this time we take a different approach - we buy a new make and let it mature with us :-)

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Club history

Five members from a group that studied at the Technical University Prague in 1980s decided to organize a joint 50th birthday celebration. Out of many crazy ideas, some stuck. And one of them gave the birth to our Club: We decided to get a special edition of Scotch single malt whisky just for us!

More about the «50OF5» whisky.
Come and have a chat with us at Upcoming events.

Recently, we created what we call DoG (Discussion over a Glass): A session for a small group of people with a representative of a whisky vendor, providing a great platform for open information exchange. 

All photos on our website are non-chill-filtered and non-coloured.

Kilchoman "50 of 5"