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Pennant on Tour

All flags courtesy of Flags of the World

Our Pennant loves to travel and taste whisky in different parts of the world. Here you can find some of his interesting stops. 
We envy him, as none  of other team members has a chance to travel the world like this.

We apologize for (sometimes) quite a poor quality of the photos - our pennant is not very good at taking selfies ;-)

Pennant's Favourite places
In cases of real whisky joy, our Pennant decided to mark his visit and leave an imprint.
Here is a list of distilleries he visited and bars where you can find him (don't hesitate to ask where to look, if you are not sure :-)

Distillery Escort Date Bar / Shop  As of
Aberlour PK, KP 27.09.2016 Artisan Wishaw, Scotland 2016-Jul
Ardmore PK, KP 27.09.2016 Millroy's London, UK 2015-Mar
GlenDronach JMD 05.11.2016 Potstill Vienna, Austria 2016-Sep
Glenfiddich ZM 15.08.2015 Požitek Praha, Czech rep. 2016-May
Glenglassaugh PK, KP 26.09.2016 Whiskeria Praha, Czech rep. 2016-Feb
Glenlivet ZM 15.08.2015 Whisky & Kilt Praha, Czech rep. 2016-Feb
Glenturret / Famous Grouse ZM 15.08.2015 Whisky Shop, San Francisco, USA 2016-Jan
Highland Park PK, KP 23.09.2016
Knockdhu PK, KP 26.09.2016
Scapa PK, KP 23.09.2016
Speyside PD 24.11.2016
Tomatin PK, KP 25.09.2016

North Germany  Flag - Germany
August 20, 2017  {pH} 

A round trip thru a few cities in Northern part of Germany has been, of course, paved by visits to numerous whisky shops ...

Whisky for Life, Frankfurt  Whisky Spirits, Frankfurt  Der SpirituosenLAden, Düsseldorf  MAE Wein, Düsseldorf
ElbPhilharmonie, Hamburg  ElbPhilharmonie & Queen Mary 2, Hamburg  Holstentor, Lübeck

Whisky & Cigars, berlin  Whisky Market, Berlin  Big Market, Berlin  

Go West!
July 1, 2017  {ZM} 

... but stay in Europe! 
Our pennant extended hot golf vacation in Portugal and had a look across the ocean!

Cabo de Roca, Portugal

VIP at Speyside  Flag - Scotland

November 24, 2016  {PD} 

At the Speyside distillery tasting on Vienna, our Pennant got an invitation to visit the distillery. He didn't hesitate and en joyed a VIP treatment by the distillery's Commercial Director Paul Dempsey! 
We wonder if he will want any other whisky from now on :-)

Speyside distillery  Speyside distillery  
Speyside distillery  Speyside distillery

Which Chocolate?     Flag - Austria
November 11, 2016  {pH} 

Pairing whisky with anything has become a popular pass time. We thought it would be a tedious process, yet the Pennant found his way ...

Zotter  Zotter  Zotter

And, before you ask:   It's the Zotter chocolate factory in Styria, the birthplace of the Terminator!

Dublin and around  Flag - Ireland Flag - Scotland
November 06, 2016  {JMD} 

Another new distillery visited by our Pennant thanks to John!  :-)

GlenDronach     GlenDronach  

... and feeling like at home in Dublin!
Dublin - JMD

Airplane Enthusiast  Flag - Ohio Flag - USA
November 27, 2016  {VN} 

The Pennant sneaked into the Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. Plenty of unique flying machines there: JFK's Air Force one, Original B-29 "Bockscar" Nagasaki bomber & "Fat Man" bomb (non original), some strange flying saucepan, The fastest of the fast - Mach 3+ SR-71 "Blackbird", and, the invisible Stealth "B-2 Spirit" (easily visible with no spririts in blood).

No whisky at all - very surprising, one would expect some at least in the first machine ...



A bit of Adventure in Africa  Flag- Sudan
November 12, 2016  {VAE}

Sometimes, we are not sure what our Pennant is after. After previous trip to the Iraqi part of Kurdistan, we found him  on yet another continent - in Sudan !!
The photo is taken on the way back from El Obeid.

Pennant - Sudan  Pennant - Sudan

Early Bird  
October 21, 2016  {pH}

Our pennant could not fall asleep due to an early flight, and got to Heathrow even before they opened his favourite corner of Terminal 2 ... Finally, he only had a few minutes to make sure he catches his plane :-)

Heathrow T2    Heathrow T2  Heathrow T2

Spa or Pernod Ricard?  Flag - Czechia  
October 1, 2016  {JB} 

Not sure if the cozy spa environment so much loved by Russian tsars, or the home of Pernod Ricard's liqueur was the main motivation for this trip to Carlsbad ...

Karlovy Vary  Karlovy Vary  Karlovy Vary    Karlovy Vary    Karlovy Vary

Whisky Live Taiwan "ist anders"  Flag - Taiwan
September 24-25 2016

Normally, our Pennant attends whisky events in Europe or USA). This one is from the other end of the globe, from Taipei. 
Based on the photos, however, what is the real reason people come to this event ...

Whisky Live Taiwan 2016 Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  
Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  Whisky Live Taiwan 2016  

Note: The photos have been shared by Malt Maniac Ho-cheng Yao.

Up to Orkneys  Flag - Scotland / 
September 24, 2016  {KP} 

Where would you like to celebrate the equinox? Our pennant was very clear in his mind - the northern islands! With an unexpected outcome!
When we saw the route, we felt like our pennant got inspired by Alfred Barnard and wanted to visit every single distillery in Scotland. What you see here is just images from some of them - Ardmore, Tomatin, Knockdhu, BenRiach.
The real shock came towards the end of the trip:
He decided to get a job at Highland Park and stay on Orkneys !! 

Ardmore distillery   Tomatin distillery   Knockdhu distillery  BenRiach distillery      
Glenglassaugh distillery  Aberlour distillery  Ardmore distillery
Scapa distillery    HP Distillery   

Ohio State Scholar  Flag - Ohio Flag - USA
September 23, 2016  {VN} 

After years traveling randomly all around the world, our pennant decided to learn something about navigation.

Ohio State Sign     Columbus Capitol

Pennant - Samurai  Flag - Japan

September 17, 2016  {TN}

The shogun's residence in Kyoto - a must see!


Artisan    Flag - Scotland / 
September 16, 2016  {MK}

Good bars have been always attracting our Pennant. He got a word there's a great one in Wishaw. And he did not think twice ...

Artisan, Wishaw (Derek Matther)

A few days after his arrival, our Pennant uncovered - for a huge rock fan of Jim McEwan - an incredible stash of Jim's colourful tins. All full! 
Can you choose a better bar to stay in?!  
(He indicated he might soon also uncover some of Jim's slim tins ;-)

Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Bruich bottles  Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Bruich bottles 
 Artisan - Bruich bottles Artisan - Burich bottles

Personal Dublin Flag - Ireland
September 10, 2016  {JMD}

Personal visit to one of very dedicate whisky fans in Dublin. The fan's favourite distilleries resonated very well with our pennant's beloved ones - well, see for yourself on the photo after all!

John McD, Ireland

Where's Juliet?   Flag - Italy
September 4, 2016  {JB}

The Arena and Juliet - two attractions that brought Pennant to Verona. 

Verona - Arena  Verona - Arena   
Verona - Juliet  Verona - Juliet   Verona - Juliet

Malaysia Flag - Malaysia

August 29, 2016  {MV}

The state of Serawak has been the destination of our pennant, driven purely by personal reasons ...

Malaysia   Malaysia

Kraków   Flag - Poland
August 20, 2016  {pH}

A trip to the beautiful city in southeast Poland, including a drop to the local supermarket to check on pennant's favourite drink ...

Krakow - Main Market  
Sculpture - Head   Supermarket - Whisky

Black Stuff   Flag - Czechia
August 18, 2016  {pH}

A quick stop at our friend's bar in the Moravian city of Olomouc, which also boasts of being the only Ardbeg Embassy in Czech republic.

Black Stuff  Black Stuff - Ardbeg Embassy

Pennant Goes Nuclear   Flag - Austria

August 12, 2016  {MK}

We have seen lots of discussions about nuclear power plants recently. Pennant decide to check it from inside. 
Oddly enough, he felt like on stage of Alien or "007" movies. 
However, the biggest surprise was the spirit safe ;-)

AKW Zwentendorf  AKW Zwentendorf  AKW Zwentendorf  AKW Zwentendorf

Club in Lux    Flag - Luxembrug
August 9, 2016  {MK}

Quick jump for a dram as recommended by our fellow Club.
Luxemburg - 50OF5

Dresden  Flag - Germany  
August 1, 2016  {JB}

Another trip to the country of Andrea Merkel, this time to Sachsen. Kilkerran Calvados Cask sold out unfortunately.
Vietnamese beer was available yet!

Dresden - Elbe   Dresden - Whisky & Genuss   
Dresden  Dresden - beer
Zwinger - panorama

Scotch Whisky - Czech Beer  Flag - Czechia
July 20, 2016  {TN}

The city of Humpolec in Czech republic is known for two things: Firstly, a famous person from an old Czech film moved here. And secondly, it is the location of the first small beer brewery started in 1991 right after the Velvet revolution. Our Pennant visited both places.

Humpolec - Hliník  Bernard brewery   Bernard keg 
Bernard beer
 Bernard brewery

Freddie liked it, too !  Flag - Switzerland
July 15, 2016  {TN}

Our Pennant in his majesty hand -both found peace of mind together

Whisky, Rum, Cognac  Flag CZ
Jun 7, 2016  {JB}

No doubt about it - our Pennant is far from conservative. He is ready to examine new fields as soon as an opportunity arises. 
The last one has been a visit to a private chapel of another spirit domain. The private club is called Cognac Gallery and is well hidden in a very exposed part of Prague.

Cognac Gallery Cognac Gallery  Cognac Gallery  
Cognac Gallery - panorama

Seven Hills  vatican flag italy flag
Jun 30, 2016  {JB}

Purely spiritual trip to the heart of the faith, our Pennant finally found the enlightenment!

vatican piazza  Colosseo  dinner in italian style
vatican museum  Pantheon  vatican museum  chapel  painting  Enlightenment

Second Largest  Flag UK / Flag England
Jun 16, 2016  {pH}

Quick jump to the second largest city in UK. Rather uneventful trip, WTA tennis tournament delayed due to rain (and resulting floods on the roads).
Nonetheless, the news about Pennant's intention to elevate Barça's ailing performance got leaked, and a fresh offer from another top European club has landed on its desk!

A few whisky discoveries during the trip: The Travel Retail replacement of the Glenmo's 12yo line up is finished: Tarlogan finished the trio (after Duthac and Tayne) called Legends. Two new entrants into the Johnnie Walker stable. And a new Travel Retail range of Jameson
And a nice exhibition of Diageo's malt components used for Johnnie Walker whiskies.

Bayern München
Glenmo Legends line up   Johnnie Walker - Island Green; Select Cask Rye  Jameson range  
Birmingham Airport - Johnnie Walker panel  Birmingham Airport

¿Football?  ¡Oh, My! 
/ Catalonia
Jun 9, 2016 {pH}

Another trip to the south, this time within Europe only. Besides the usual  "must see" places, our pennant - due to the hot weather - also dropped at the Ice Bar on the city's beach.
However, what we are most alarmed about: He was very vocal about his unhappiness that
Barça did not win this year's Champion's League! And it looks like he wants to take the next season into his own hands. Or rather feet!
We are not sure about this idea ...

Gaudi  Casa Battlo  ICE BARcelona Estrella   FC Barca

The Lure of Caribbean  Dominican republic
 Flag - Haiti
May 30, 2016 {JB}

We are getting scared! Right after the Ardbeg Night, our pennant boarded a plane to explore the world of Caribbean. As whisk(e)y is not the most favourite spirit in that part of the planet, we are slowly getting nervous whether the pennant has not got too much lured by rum (probably at the Rumfest earlier this year). And we wonder if he will force us to rename ourselves to "Whisky & Rum Club" ??

  FRA-PUJ  Catalina Island

From all the producers in the Dominican republic, our pennant decided to visit the Oliver & Oliver plant, apparently due to the fact that they work together with the Tomatin distillery - see Rumfest below.

 Oliver  Oliver Oliver  Oliver

Apparently, it was too tempting! The famous black liquor market just across the border - our pennant had to see it.
We are just getting concerned: Once you start drinking rum, you probably do not know any longer what you are doing ...

Haiti - liquor market  Border Dominican Republic - Haiti

Pochod Praha-Prčice   Flag CZ
May 21, 2016 {JB}

After half-marathon in Riga, our pennant decided to reduce the speed and stretch the distance to 33 km! The opportunity was the traditional tramp to Prčice organized yearly since 1966.

Prčice - start     Prčice - route  Prčice  Scotsman  

Turkish Seaside   Flag - Turkey
May 16, 2016 {BV}

Our pennant was asked - probably thanks to its experience spanning European and Arabic cultures - to help negotiating the refugee situation between Eu and Turkey. As it has been quite a tedious affair, it decided to take a short break at the southern seaside.


21km in Riga   Flag - Latvia
May 14, 2016 {GK}

You may not know it yet, but our pennant is a enthusiastic long-distance runner. However, as it was quite cold, it decided to run half-marathon only in the capital of Latvia at the Baltics seaside.

 Riga        Riga       Riga

Rumfest   Flag CZ
May 7, 2016 {JB}

Looks like Rum producers have recently taken many pages from whisky books. Rumfest in Prague is just one example, rum finished in a whisky cask was another one.
Our pennant was very much attracted to Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, and we hope it was because of his own rum brand ...

PuntaCana - Tomatin finish  PuntaCana Tesoro - Label  Ron Jeremy

Dem Deutschen Volke   
May 4, 2016   {MN}

Well, somebody had to tell the Germans they should give up with the Doppelkorn and go for the right stuff. Mission completed ;-)


UNESCO Site  Flag CZ
Apr 30, 2016 {JB}

There are relatively many UNESCO heritage sites, but many of them outside the frequented path. On of them is located in small Bohemian village of Telč.

Telč - panorama

Expanding Horizons  Flag CZ
April 22, 2016  {IH, JB}

Two jumps around in the week of the Whisky Festival CZ. First one into the nearby Bairnsfather Distillery in Domašov - whisky is not yet in their portfolio, but you never know ...

Bairnsfather Distillery   Bairnsfather Distillery

And the other one a nice dinner at the Michelin-star Field restaurant in Prague's Old Town square with a fair selection on the bar:
Field Restaurant, Praha

Durchs Wilde Kurdistan  
April 17, 2016  {VAE}

Our Pennant managed as close as possible to the war zone... God bless our brave engineers !!


My Momma Says I'm Special   
April 16, 2016    {VN]

Despite the IQ of our Pennant is reasonably higher than the 75 of Forrest Gump's, these two guys seem to navigate to the same places in Savannah, GA - The Cotton Exchange, River Street and Talmodge Bridge are worth seeing. As for malt whiskies, there's nothing special down there they say.


Fruitful jump to London   Flag - England
April 13, 2016  {pH} 

On the way to the Bratislava Whisky Fest, our Pennant took a quick detour to London. Original plan was to repatriate some bottles from last autumn, that were available in UK only (Supernova 2015; Midwinter Dream). However, the timing proved right, as The Laddie Eight and the PC CC:01 were on sale at Heathrow already. And, quite unexpectedly, our Pennant also discovered a different version of Balvenie 21yo - not the usual Port Wood, but Madeira instead. More about the whiskies here.
London Trip 2016-Apr
Other whiskies seen:
Bushmills Sherry  Glenmorangie Pride  Brora 40yo  Macallan No 6

A bit of aerial sightseeing was on the program as well this time - you can see the staggering number of whisky shops across the city :-) 

London from air

Middle East   Qatar Flag   UAE Flag
March 14/16, 2016  {pH}

First pennant's trip to Qatar showed that Diageo is doing good job in Middle East  by pushing many different versions of Johnnie Walker.
However, the greatest discovery of this trip has been the Le Clos shops with luxury wines and spirits at Dubai airport, where you really can get luxury bottles, especially from Macallan provenance. 

Doha - J.Walker Monkey    Doha   Doha - 2022 

Dubai T1 Duty Free   Dubai T1 Duty Free   Dubai T1 Duty Free  

Dubai T1 Le Clos  Dubai T1D Le Clos Macallan Lalique   Dubai T3B Le Clos  Dubai T3B Le Clos Dubai T3A Le Clos  Dubai T3A Le Clos

Prague bars  Flag - Czechia
February-29, 2016  {S,pH}

Two stops at Prague bars that are really worth it! Whisky & Kilt and Whiskeria right in the city center!

Whisky & Kilt  Whisky & Kilt - 50OF5 Pennant

Whiskeria - Tomatin  Whiskeria - Mortlach  Whiskeria - Kilchoman, Lochindaal  Whiskeria

Bydgoszcz Rope Dancing   Flag - Poland

February 4, 2016   {MN}

It's a wonder that somebody can keep balance and stability - even on a rope - in such a town. What a luck our Pennant can HANG!


Paris   Francie
February-4, 2016   {pH}

If you like history and you are in Paris, you find in your travel guide the usual suspects like Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. 
But none includes the whisky history den that can be found in the cellar of the La Maison du Whisky (LMDW). Don't miss it!

Also, a good chat with Salvatore (on photos) who has been with LMDW since last century - will try to attend one of his tastings.

  Paris - La Defense  Paris - La Defense 
Paris - LMDW Paris - LMDW - Balvenie 50  Paris - LMDW - Balvenie DCS   Paris - LMDW

Paris - LMDW - Salvatore  Paris - LMDW - Noh  Paris - LMDW - Karuizawa  Paris - LMDW - Macallan
Paris - LMDW - Catalog


San Francisco   California
January-24, 2016   {pH}

All the usual suspects - Cable car, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39. And the winner yacht from the America's Cup 2013!
Plus some interesting bottles in Travel retail.

San Francisco  San Francisco  San Francisco  Yacht 
Macallan Rare Cask Black   Bowmore Mizunara  Macallan M   Glen Grant 50yo

Budapest   Hungary
January-20, 2016   {pH}

City on Danube, Unicum as brother in arms!

Budapest  Budapest  Budapest  Budapest


Desert   Saudi Arabia
January-11, 2016   {pH}

First trip in 2016 goes into the desert, into an absolutely dry country. Although - there's beer on offer, too! 

Note; The Macallan bottles are at Frankfurt airport, not in Saudi :-)

Al Faisaliah Tower  King Fahd Road  Beer Mahou 0.0%  Airport Frankfurt  

Seaside   Flag - UAE
December-12, 2015   {pH}

And before this busy year closes, one more trip in store for our pennant, this time to enjoy a bit of warm weather in the Empty Quarters desert (where the Star Wars VII movie was shot).
Combination of golf, sightseeing, skiing and shopping :-)
An the Neos bar in the The Address Downtown hotel that caught on fire two weeks later ...

Abu Dhabi
 Burj Khalifa (aka Burj Dubai) Dubai Mall - Waterfall Mall of Emirates - Ski Dubai Burj al Arab
DXB-T3 Duty Free DXB-T3 Duty Free DXB-T3 Duty Free DXB-T3 Duty Free

Nuremberg Xmas Market  Flag - Germany
December-1, 2015   {pH}

First of all, quick jump into the most famous whisky shop in Nuremberg, the Celtic Whiskey and a short chat with the owner Otto Steudel.

Celtic Whiskey, Nuremberg  Celtic Whiskey, Nuremberg
Then to the world's famous Christmas Market in Nuremberg, where special attention was paid to the international section with stands from partnership cities including Glasgow :-)

Xmas Market Nuremberg - Glasgow stand  

Český Krumlov / Svachova Lhotka  Flag CZ
October 9, 2015  {MoT}

Despite we intended to win a prize at the golf tournament again, none of our golfers made it to Krumlov this year. Just the bravest of the Kinghts of the <50OF5> Table, Sir Pennant, made it after all - with little help of our friends - Bravo, pennant!   Thanks, MoT!

MoT Svachova Lhotka 2015

Hamburg   Flag-DE
September 2015   {MN}

The pennant made its way to the St. Pauli, and of course, to the famous Reeperbahn surrounding red-light district...

United Nations  Flag - United Nations / Flag - Austria 
September 2015   {pH}

Very important assembly about pennats' rights in global travel (e.g. protection in case of delayed flights, or amount of alcohol it can carry along), our guy had to be there to make sure no silly decisions are taken!

Pennant UNO Vienna 2015-09

Startford-upon-Avon   Flag - UK 
September 2015   {VH}

Somewhat literary trip - our Pennant is extremely keen to find out what whisky did Sir Shakespeare drink ... 

Pennant - Startford

London from the Top   Flag - UK / Flag - England
September 2015   {pH}

After some chat in The Whisky Exchange shop in Vinopolis, our pennant climbed the Shard to have a look from the top on this beautiful day.  

Pennant @Shard, London

Scotland (yes, someone has to do it ;-)   Flag - Scotland
August 2015   {ZM}

When a tour thru Scotland was discussed among our members, no one was keen to undertaking this bring trip ;-)
The objective as to show to pour Pennant the oldest distillery in Scotland, and witness a memorable moment in single malt history, when Glenlivet also surpassed the "millionaire" club in sales figures!

Finally, due to the seriousness of the task, our most senior Club members had to commit his time  ...

Pennant at Famous Grouse - Glenturret  Pennant @Famous Grouse  Pennant @Famous Grouse

Pennat @Glenfiddich  Pennant @Glenlivet  Pennant @Glenfiddich

Warsaw   Flag - Poland

July 30, 2015   {MN}

Just a quick hop to our neighbours ...

Tokyo   Flag - Japan
July 2015   {VN}

On tour again - this is the most "elevated" selfie our Pennant has made so far. The Tokyo Tower, 250m above ground. What comes next - Mt.Everest?  Being in Japan, he naturally found himself a delicate 12 y.o. Geisha friend, not to be lonely on the pillow.


Baku   Flag - Azerbaijan
May 6, 2015  {Doc}

Not only whisky bars are where our Traveller spends his time. Here he made it to the opening ceremony of the European Games, together with our best athletes, as a member of the Czech national team.


London   Flag - UK / Flag - England
Apr 9-10, 2015   {pH}

First time, we let our Pennant to enjoy a bit of travel, and let him browse thru London. Guess what - no fashion boutiques, no churches, no museums, no London Eye. Just whisky shops and bars.

Can you guess which ones he visited?

London  London  London  
London  London