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Events that we enjoyed together

Spicy Rye
[posted Mar-20, 2018]

We have been invited to the launch of the ninth Glenmorangie Private Edition, hosted in Vienna by the local branch of Moët Hennessy. Some of the expressions in the past (see complete list) were truly  memorable (Artein, Ealanta, Companta), so we were glad we could taste the whisky before opening our own bottle.
Introduced in a short video by its creator Dr Lumsden and Brendan McCarron (who oversees maturation), this year's bottling has spent it's whole life in barrels after rye whisky! The age was not disclosed, but as rye can be a very rough drink, our guess is it could not spend that much time in the cask. The whisky is very spicy, which makes it quite different from Glenmorangie's core range and from other botlles on the market.
Another interesting maturation experiment, we like it due to its unique spiciness.

Glenmorangie Spios - lineup Glenmorangie Spios - lineup  Glenmorangie Spios - bottle kill

BTW, two bits of information: Bill Lumsden confirmed there would be Private Edition 10 produced (not his usual "Watch the space!") And the local team quipped that the 1990 Vintage will get a sibling: 1989. And it should allegedly not be as expensive as Pride ;-)

Private Tasting - Lag 25
June 28, 2017
We were pleased to have a chance to participate at a private tasting session in the beautiful of the Whisky & Kilt bar in Prague, owned by the incredible whisky showman Vaclav Rout (we bet he has same ancestors as Richard Paterson).
The star of the evening was the Lagavulin 25yo, which proved to be a fantastic expression from this legendary distillery.  However, in the last moment, two more newcomers have been thrown into the ring! The Longrow 13yo Red Malbec was as good as it's Red predecessors. And the OBA was absolutely stunning - we just hope Mr. Hannett will produce more of this liquid, not just the orange 1500 litres. 

Note: The only sore point of Lagavulin 25yo is the price. When Diageo announced it, we assumed it will be priced in line with its younger siblings: The 8yo expression costs some 60€. The 16yo is priced at 50€. And a simple arithmetical extrapolation indicated that the 25yo should cost around 40€ :-)  You know the reality is very different ...

Lag 25, Longrow Red 13 Malbec, OBA Václav Rout, Whisky & Kilt Prague, Lagavulin 25yo  OBA  
Václav Rout  50OF5 Members  

Whisky Festival CZ - Malá Morávka
April 28-30, 2017
Report coming soon :-)

Whisky Fest Bratislava
April 6-7, 2017
After the discontinuation of Whiskymesse in Vienna (that should have taken place on March 25-26, 2017), we could not miss a festival in the nearby city of Bratislava, that is growing into a very strong event for whisky enthusiasts.
Three masterclasses and a nice round through the venue - we will remember this year as a very successful one!

Bratislava  Bratislava - Čumil  Glen Moray - Iain Allan   Murray McDavid - Dean Jode  

Gold Cock  Kavalan - Bernard Schäfer  Kavalan
 Marta Sushi - Fou Zoo  Teerepenli, Finland  Václav Rout - Bruichladdich masterclass  PC Valinch 12

Finest Spirits in Vienna
November 25-26, 2016
First time ever, Finest Spirits fair well known from Munich, also opened in Vienna! For us it was a first opportunity to see how visible is whisky among other spirits. All in all, half of the stands offered whisky, the other half other spirits like rum, vodka or gin.
We participated at one masterclass, Bruichladdich. On offer was a cross-section if the current offering with two Bruichladdich expressions, two PCs, two Octomores and the icing on the cake - Black Art (4.1). Fantastic whiskies by any measure!
We also took a chance and organized a «50OF5» DoG (Discussion over a Glass) with Melanie Stanger of Springbank Distillery. This time, we recorded it and you can listen to it here.
(Note: The interview is non-chill-filtered and non-coloured. During the editing, a bottle of Hazelburn 8yo was stylishly finished :-)

video YouTube - Interview Melanie Stanger

... and a few photos:

Springbank  Wemyss - Kingsbarn - Ginny Boswell  ATV @Potstill 
 Potstill   Bruich masterclass  Bruich Masterclass  

Scotch Whisky Week in Vienna
November 15-17, 2016
A surprising decision has been reached by Mario Prinz, who arrived at a conclusion - due to the new tax regulations - to discontinue both the Früjahr- and Herbstverkostung, and the Wiener Whiskymesse (the 8th one was planned for March 2017). 
The Whisky Week preceding the date of the Herbstverkostung, fortunately, stayed on. 
We did not have a chance to meet Ian McWilliam from Glenfarclas on Tuesday, but made sure we did not miss the sessions on Wednesday (Andy Bell/Arran, Scott Adamson/Tomatin) and Thursday (Paul Dempsey/Speyside, Melanie Stanger/Springbank, Alasdair Setvenson/BenRiach).

Arran Smugglers II Arran Smugglers II   Arran 21st Anniversary  Arran 21st Anniv  Tomatin Tomatin Hungarian  Tomatin 1988   Andy + Scott 
Paul Dempsey, Speyside  Springbank  Springbank Local Barley 2017   

Melanie Stanger, Springbank  Alasdair Stevenson, Benriach

Whisky Life Prague 2016
November 4-5, 2016

This year was about a few new expressions (Glenfiddich IPA; Tullamore Cider, Chivas Ultis; great session with tasting single casks acquired by various Whisky Clubs in Czech republic - Men of Tyn(e)'s Martin Svoboda proved his extremely deep knowledge about whisky club history in Czech republic; and an SMWS Masterclass with great whiskies and their Ambassador John McCheyne, who unfortunately lost his voice. During quite an educational session about whisky blending, we have found whisky that we will offer to those who claim they do not like whisky, but enjoy rum - it's the new Johnnie Walker Bartenders' Batch Red Rye Finish! 

 Chivas Icon WLP 2016 - <50OF5> SMWS    Chivas Ultis

Johnnie Walker Rye  Tullamore Dew Cider

Note: The autumn 2016 was very busy on whisky events. We dd not manage to participate at the Whisky Live Warsaw on Oct  14-15,  or at the Whisky Show Budapest on Oct 28-29.
We hope to have a chance next year!

Potstill "Kulturverein"
September 16, 2016

Yes, that's how the best whisky shop in Vienna started - as a center for cultural exchange :-) You can see the original logo on one of the photos. Very busy times for the owner Mario - celebration his birthday, and a tough decision to cancel both the Autumn Tasting (Herbstverkostung) in November and Vienna Whisky Fair in March due to the new finance regulations. 

With a bit of dark humor, we can now proclaim: We have not missed a single Wiener Whiskymesse!
(See a show reminiscence below.)

Potstill Wien - Andreas  Potstill Wien  Potstill Wien  
Potstill Wien - Glenfarclas 40  Potstill Wien - Cu Bocan

We've Seen It All - Whiskymesse No More
September 14, 2016

Mario Prinz announced the discontinuation of Wiener Whiskymesse, while the next, 8th installment should have taken place in March 2017. We cannot say we are excited about this news, as this event was a fixture in our calendar.

On the other hand, we now can say: We've seen them all! So allow us a short photo album:

#1 - 2003: Hazelburn tasting before it came to market

#2 - 2005: Robin Tucek in full force

#3 - 2007: Jim McEwan's Show
Jim McEwan   Jim McEwan  Jim McEwan

#4 - 2009: BenRiach and Volleyball

#5 - 2011: Bruichladich and Jura
Bruichladdich - Barbara  Jura

#6 - 2013: Tomatin 1982 and Czech section

Tomatin   Czech section

#7 - 2015: Martin's 50th Birthday and Misako Udo
Glenfarclas 50yo   Glenfarclas 50   Misako Udo

Without Kilt
September 6, 2016

After summer holiday, the first of a few ad-hoc events. We dropped by at Whisky & Kilt in Prague to deliver, discuss and taste Ailsa Bay and Kinivie. And added a few more samples to the line up.
As always, the owner Vaclav has been a great host and company.

Whisky & Kilt Prague  Whisky & Kilt Prague  Whisky & Kilt Prague  Whisky & Kilt Prague  

Ardbeg  Day  Night
May 28, 2016

Ardbeg Day turned into Ardbeg Night with chasing whisky bottles with smugglers in shady caverns!
Nice atmosphere and a playful mode animated by chherful LVMH team in the dark coves of Der Keller private cellar in the center of Vienna.
If you taste the standard expression of the Dark Cove make sure you give it time to breathe!  
We still have to wait to taste the cask strength Committee version ...

Ardbeg Night 2016 Ardbeg Night 2016   
Ardbeg Night 2016  Ardbeg Night 2016  Ardbeg Night 2016

Whisky Festival CZ Malá Morávka
April 22-24, 2016

This year was even more special than the previous one. Firstly we had a chance to hold a Kilchoman DoG (Discussion over Glass), which the participants seem to have appreciated. Special thanks to George who joined us via skype from UK. The winner of the flight, as voted by the audience, has become the Loch Gorm 2015!
The original teaser video to our Kilchoman DoG session can be viewed here.(https://youtu.be/ex3Zl1Z1BRI)

Kilchoman DoG - Samples  Kilchoman DoG - Samples George Wills - skype  Kilchoman DoG  

Secondly, we finally received a lot we have been working on for some time. We call it «Edition 55» and we will tell more in near future.

Our favourites of the weekend? There were several of them: Kilchoman Vintage 2008, Octarine (a few last drops), Octo Orpheus (never disappoints), old Glenmo Madeira, and the new Wolfburn - hat off what you can so withing three years!    BTW, is the current Glendronach range becoming a history?

Kilchoman DoG - after       Octomore Orpheus
Glenglassaugh 35yo  Glendronach     Lagavulin Feis Ile 2015

Even more importantly:  We had chance to taste the two exclusives for Czech republic, Petr's Springbank 25yo and MoT's Bruichladdich 12yo (with the bird!). Wow, man! We all should be gratetful to them for bringing this to us!!! We also affirmed our Peace Treaty with MoT ...

Springbank 25yo Cask Springbank 25yo Cask Bruichladdich 12yo MoT Peace Treatyhttps://youtu.be/ex3Zl1Z1BRI

Here you also come across a nice article and a video.

Quick Finish in Bratislava

April 14, 2016 - Whisky Fest Bratislava

Another encounter with Jim Murray - eight samples closing with the WB2016 winner Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye and Jim's "resurrected baby" Ardbeg 10yo.
(Regarding Crown Royal, in private discussion, Jim stressed it was a specific batch that won the accolades; he also tasted other batches and they were not as fantastic as the winning one. We have not found any notion of a specific batch in his book, however ...)

Jim extended his session to almost three hours, which left us with time to refresh our tastebuds with the Kininvie flight (17yo Batch 1; 23yo Batch 2; 25yo Cask #20) and a quick round through the stands including a dram with Donald MacLellan in his new stable of Loch Lomond. And then the event was over ...

  Jim Murray  Whisky Bible 2016   Jim Murray - direction sign  Jim Murray 50OF5  

 Kininvie tasting Jim Murray's Masterclass     Kininvie tasting  Kininvie samples  

Donald   Paul Dempsey - Spey Distillery

Victory in the Rain

April 8, 2016 - 12 Men of Tyn(e) Open 8 ¼ Golf Tournament - Český Krumlov

Our Pennant made us to take a trip again, this time to touch base with our friends at the golf course of Český Krumlov. The yearly event organized by 12.Men.of.Tyn(e) was again a dream which came true – the buggy carts cruising the fairways in the Scottish rain did not allow anybody to feel sad and lonely, bringing Lagavulin, GlenDronach, Macallan and Ardbeg to the greens and tees. With Stevie, the Pennant achieved the first historical golf tournament title for «50of5», congratulations!

No wonder the following evening event was just a great celebration. We deeply enjoyed the MoT’s hospitality at their “Whisky Flying Circus” including the new private Bruichladdich and many other special single-malts, as well as the “Highland Park Corner”, “Malt &Cigars Corner”, “Malt Whisky Cocktail Magic Corner” and other places of joy.

Being the only member of the «50of5» on duty, Stevie proudly presented our club and the distillery of our hearts – Kilchoman – to the audience of golfers and whisky-lovers later in the evening. But this was not to be the last late-night-show of the day; we were honoured with a very private midnight visit to the new distillery located just on site in Svachova Lhotka. Having invited Tomáš (our flight-mate) to join, we went in just with Martin, the distillery manager. What a nice place to welcome a new day!

Thanks again for the great experience, MoT!

Autumn Combo in Vienna

November-19, 2015 - Glenfarclas Tasting
November-20, 2015 - Potstill HerbstVerkostung

Like a year before, two back-to-back evenings that we could not skip.

First the traditional evening with Ian McWilliam from Glenfarclas. Very interesting line up with various Family Cask, most extreme ones:
spent time in 4th-refill sherry cask and you got the impression you drink a 5-year old spirit! You would even think why waste the space in the warehouse :-) But perhaps  when it reaches 70 years ...  
1959, the oldest in the line up: that long time in sherry makes it extremely bitter beyond the point. Great chance to taste it!
Our favourite:
1993 A14-Release!

P.A.  Glenfarclas 1959  Glenfarclas 1993

And, the night after, 20 samples from Mario Prinz and his team plus few more from Beam Suntory. Funnily enough, the top accolades from our small team got Potstill's own single cask expressions from Tomatin and Kilchoman!

Kilchoman PX - Potstill Edition 2015   HerbstVerkostung - Winners - P.K.

Bethlehem Chapel

November-7, 2015 - Whisky Life Prague

On the day of the anniversary of the Great October Revolution, our Club came together in full strength (plus many other friends) to really enjoy the third installment of the whisky festival in Prague.
Among the highlights: Kininvie range including 25yo Single Cask, 
PC Valinch; Grant's 18yo, Jameson Caskmates, GlenDronach Grandeur 24yo, a beer with John Lamond the night before, a chat with Kate Hannett from Bruichladdich, etc., etc.

Many memorable photos taken 

Tullamore & Beer  John Lammond John Lammond  Bag-pipe    

Famous - Even More

240th Anniversary of Glenturret

Glenturret celebrates 240 years and one of our members had the chance to visit the distillery, which also serves - despite the very low volume of production -as spiritual home of The famous Grouse. He took the opportunity and got five bottles of the Famous for all our five members.

Now, inevitably, we are five times more famous then before! (The photo shows only three of "The Famous 50OF5" bottles ...)

Famous <50OF5>

Robots are Unstoppable (and will drink Ardbeg)

May-30, 2015 - Ardbeg Day in Vienna

One week after ESC (European Song Contest), Vienna also became one for the Adbeg Day venues ... and the message was somewhat confusing!

The first Ardbeg Day in 2012 was marked by the image of a human hand carrying a bottle of Ardbeg whisky. This year, we see a robot 's hand, robot-Shortie races, Shortie with prosthesis, strange text on the bottle. Anyway, we decided to interpret it a positive way: Ardbeg will keep on being made by humans, and it will be drunk both by humans and robots (and by aging Shortie).

Besides the chance to acquire a bottle, we had a chance to taste it, too: The Perpetuum is a less pronounced Ardbeg in terms of peat, but stays true to its roots. More accessible, and at the same time less unique  (in comparison to Supernova, for example).

The event itself was held in a nice atmosphere and attended by quite a few people.

The Perpetuum from Ardbeg Day is of different alcohol strengths than the Committee Release available at the distillery shop.
To compare the evolving hand&bottle logo - see here.

Singing Cask 

Apr-24-26, 2015 - Whisky Festival CZ, Malá Morávka (4th year)

Having enjoyed in 2014 our first participation at this event in the middle of nowhere, we came one day earlier this time to enjoy this year's long-winter atmosphere.
We got pre-taste of what is coming on Thursday night already, and moved on full speed on Friday and Saturday, including the Masterclasses of Laphroaig, Czech Gold Cock, and Ardbeg (with original Supernova!)
However, the whisky bar itself is simply unbeatable!!

Our favourites (leaving aside the usual suspects): 

  • Canto Cask #124 by Compass Box - quite a late discovery taking into account it was produced in 2007 - thanks to Petr!
    And - have a look what we have done with this resource!
  • Tomatin Cuatro - our internal voting was won by the Oloroso version
  • BenRiach Albariza - new kid on their square-box editions' block
    (This port-finish expression of 3886 bottles was soon followed by another 18yo one, called Dunder and finished in rum casks - 1888 bottles only :-(

World' Best Whisky in Bratislava

Apr 14, 2015 - Whisky Live Bratislava 

The organizer of Whisky Live Prague decided to build on the past of Czecho-Slovak federation, and launch a sister event in Slovakia's capital. Similar atmosphere (augmented by 2-hour electricity outage ;-) like the event in Prague with one big surprise right after the Whisky Magazines' announcement of the World Whiskies Award. Another surprise - the whisky from the owners of Double Cross vodka is ready - and called Nestville!

Our tasting order: 1. Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique,  2. Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique, 3. Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique (none left afterwards :-), 4. Chivas Regal 21yo, 5. Chivas Regal 25yo, 6. Nestville 7. Ardbeg New Make

Our Pennant in London

Apr 9-10, 2015

First time, we let our Pennant to enjoy a bit of travel, and let it browse thru London. Guess what - no fashion boutiques, no churches, no museums, no London Eye. Just whisky shops and bars.

Can you guess which ones it visited?

London  London  London  
London  London
Note: This was a first serious pennant's trip. To learn more about his other endeavours, go to the page Pennant on Tour

DoG in Vienna

Mar-21, 2015 - 7. Whiskymesse 2015

This unique whisky event in Vienna takes place only every second year, and we have actively participated at every single one since its inception in  2003 - see the Events section.

This year was special for us, as we replaced our usual frequent participation at masterclasses with our Discussion over a Glass (DoG) theme-oriented sessions. So instead of listening to prepared Masterclass pitch, we have a chance to have a Q&A discussion with a representative of the company.

This time, we succeeded to have a DoG with four great persons:

With Robin "Blackadder" Tucek, the owner of independent bottler Blackadder headquartered in Sweden, we had a chat about his angle to whisky business, including the complexity of obtaining single casks.

Scott Adamson, the new regional sales manager of Tomatin, stressed the change the distillery has undergone in recent years, from a volume manufacturer for blend to a single malt specialist keeping fair prices. Like others, Tomatin is getting out of older stocks, so grab those few remaining bottles of older expressions like  30yo, 40yo, or our last Whiskymesse favourite, the 1982 Vintage! When discussing the Cuatro idea, Scott indicated that a project of similar nature is slated to be introduced this autumn.

To meet Donald MacLellan the day after BenRiach was awarded by the Whisky Magazine the title "The Distiller of the Year" was a special occasion! Donald stressed the future focus of the three owned distilleries (e.g. no special finishes with GlenDronach), and indicated that the owners are on the hunt for a fourth baby. True to their business model, they do not plan to construct a new distillery, but buy an existing one instead, change a middle letter in its name into the upper case, and make it sexy with customers and profitable! 

And we had again a nice discussion with Ian McWillam from Glenfarclas, company that is sticking to their guns and that keep on regularly filling the gaps in their The Family Cask series. Thanks to the birthday of the founding non-member of our club, Ian treated us to a sample of a 1965 cask - Glenfarclas at its best, and this one with a looong finish as well. 

Robin Tucek, Blackadder Scott Adamson, Tomatin
Donald MacLellan, BenRiach Ian McWilliam, Glenfarclas

3000 visitors (in two days) made the venue a bit overfilled and hot. Yet, Mario sticks to his bi-annual rhythm, and the 8th Whiskymesse is scheduled for spring 2017!

Anyway, here are some of the favourite ones from the day:

  • Glenfarclas 1965 sample
  • Tomatin Cask 16365,  1990/2015 (sold at distillery only)
  • Glenglassaugh 30yo; 38yo (totally different creatures!)
  • Caol Ila Potstill Edition (Cask 301537)
  • Tamdhu Batch Strength (we want to see more from Tamdhu !!)
  • Mortlach 18yo by Duncan Taylor (for those who love Mortlach and don't like Diageo's pricing policy)
  • Arran 18yo (agains a different personality conteasted to 16 and 17yo!)
  • Black Snake Venom by Blackadder (different versions)
  • Glenmorangie Túsail

Own Editions and Independents

Nov-14, 2014 - Potstill HerbstVerkostung, Vienna

Guests: Petr Křenek, Zdeněk Kortiš

Another half-yearly affair by Dr. Prinz and his Potstill team. This time focused on Postill's own bottlings and many independents. Also present were representatives from Moët Hennessy having the "usual suspects" from their Ardbeg and Glenmorangie stables (no, you do not need to envy us - no Supernova, no Kildalton, no Taghta!)

We managed to go thru most of the samples, and here are our favourites of the evening:

  • Ben Nevis 1996 52.8%, Potstill Edition, Single Cask, bottled by Carn Mor
  • Bowmore 2000 57.3%, Single Cask by Dewar Rattray
  • Longrow Red 11yo 58%
And we were all positively surprised by the reborn Tamdhu 10yo. We find the bottle a bit theatrical, but the liquid is pretty fine! Looking forward to see older expressions to come!

Glenfarclas Evening Nov-13, 2014

The night before this event, the almost-regular family-like get-together with Ian McWilliam from Glenfarclas took place in Vienna, too. As usually, he skips the core range and goes for the special bottlings, mostly from The Family Casks series. Ian:"The popularity of the yearly vintages' range is growing tremendously and - after the Summer-2014 batch, we have to come unexpectedly with the Autumn-2014 Release to fill the gaps!"

Out of the eight samples, four were from the upcoming Release, and we favoured the 1991 Vintage (that was brought to us after the major tasting session)! 

Note: The oldest sample was The Family Cask from 1958 and we found the older expressions great on nose and palate, but extremely quickly finished; we had had this experience with the 'standard' 40yo already. For the money, you somehow hope for a longer fun time! 

Dark (Highland) Park

Oct-3, 2014 – Golf Open – Year VII, Svachova Lhotka, by Men of Tyn(e)

Unlike previous year, the weather was very welcoming to the golf players this time. Our club took a whole flight at the tournament organized by Men of Tyn(e), and one of us made it even to the box. Apparently good preparation during the whole year at various whisky events improves golf skills dramatically!

Pleasant evening started with Men of Tyn(e)'s favourite distilleries (Clynelish, GlenDronach, Glenrothes, HP, Macallan, Strathisla). And later we continued with vertical tasting of Highland Park, including the new Dark Origin expression that looked like Martin Svoboda's own (see the picture!)

Our favourites this time:

  • Highland Park 15yo
  • Macallan Sienna

Jim Murray's Show and Kilchoman Clan

Sep-26+27, 2014 - Whisky Live Prague (2nd Year)

We met many friends and had a lot of fun! We enjoyed the presence of almost all of our members, and also many associated ones. 
The whole event had three major components for us: The event itself, where we could try some new liquid; the Kilchoman section; and presence of Jim Murray!

On Friday, we had a chance to have a good chat with Jim and bring him 16 years back though his own book with dedication from October 1998, when we was the first whisky writer to publish about Czech whisky. Of course, we could not miss his knockout competition tasting on Saturday either. Finally, Jim agreed to change his favourite football club colours for our red!

The day after, Jim was a guest in a popular local Talk show "Na plovarne". You can see the original (=English) version of the interview in the TV's Media Library.

We were also very excited to see George Wills. We met his dad, owner of the Kilchoman distillery, in San Francisco in 2012, and his brothers Peter and James a week earlier in Vienna at their Land Rover European Tour. With him, we completed the encounter with the Clan of Wills!

Most importantly, we were proud participants of the Club Scene, and ensured support by a classy group of our guests! Through the hands of George Wills and Dr. Mario Prinz, the Keeper of the Quaich from Austria, we have offered to the fellow participants a bottle of our Kilchoman «50OF5» whisky. We also used our Indian connection and allowed all the present to taste the world's most sold whisky, McDowell's No.1. And, thanks to our associated member Svaťa Buchlovský, we added a bottle of Nadurra Oloroso into the pack, Glenlivet's new expression freshly available from travel retail.

With all that, we apparently succeeded to make the next step in promoting the ever closer whisky cooperation between Vienna and Prague, too, which should benefit not only next year's Whisky Live Prague, but also the Whiskymesse in Vienna in March.

As usually, here are our favourites from the event:

  • Highland Park by Men of Tyn(e)
  • Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso
  • Ardbeg 10

Whisky Land Rover

Sep-18, 2014 - Kilchoman European Tour, Vienna stop

Due to our emotional link to Kilchoman, we happily took part at the Vienna stop of the  European tour carried out during whole September by the distillery owner's sons, James and Peter Wills.

We could not drive the LandRover unfortunately (we came too late for that), yet we could taste some new babies: a special cask-strength Machir Bay 2014 Tour bottling (see photo); first Port expression; and Potstill's new single cask bottling (5yo with PX finish).

While James and Peter carried on with their tour, their older brother George came to Whisky Live in Prague a few days later (see above).

For statisticians, 1518 bottles of the Tour expression were produced.

Our favourites:

  • Kilchoman Potstill Edition 2014
  • Kilchoman European Tour Edition

Best Bar in the World

Apr-25-26, 2014 –  3. Whisky Festival, Malá Morávka

At last we succeeded to come over to the end of the world (or at least the end of Moravia) to take part at Petr Křenek's whisky weekend. And it was worth that, as we had had never ever seen such a whisky bar before! ANothin short of amazing!!! You just regret that the capacity of your body and senses is so limited!

We received so many new inputs and ideas that we completely forgot to vote our most favourite drams of the two evenings.

However, we also took part in the official Quiz. Svaťa Buchlovský tried to convince us that – according to the newest research – the oldest distillery in Scotland is Glen Garioch. However, we did not get swayed by the radioactive-carbon research yielding results with accuracy bracket of 200 years, stuck to the proven Glenturret (including its famous cat Towser  and The Famous Grouse Experience) and that helped us win the competition. Unfortunately, no prize this time ;-)

In 2015, we will for sure be back again!

The Club is Born

Mar-21,  2014 – Potstill – Frühjahr-Verkostung, Vienna

Guest: Martin Svoboda

This half-yearly tasting session was marked by the focus on Independent bottlers.

Our favourites:

  • Glen Spey 1986 27yo 52.5% - Dewar Rattray
  • Glen Garioch – 1993 46% - Coopers Choice
  • Bruichladdich 1992 57% - Dewar Rattray

After the event, our aging group of dilletantes was elevated by Martin to a Club status. He outlined his plan to set up a Club Scene at the upcoming Whisky Live Prague in September, and honoured us with an invitation to present ourselves (or rather our whisky) as a Club. A few beers later, we accepted.

Black Art, Octomore, HP 25 and Independents

Nov-15, 2013 – Pot Still – Herbst-Verkostung, Vienna

Guest:  Petr Křenek

Another well-attended half-yearly tasting organized by Dr. Prinz and his team.

Our favourites: 

  • Highland Park 25yo
  • Caperdonich 1992 46.3% – Pot Still Edition
  • Bunnahabhain 21yo 49.5%  – The Maltman
  • Octomore 6.1

After the official session, Petr produced a freshly acquired Tullamore Dew Phoenix – it would have made it to the list, too.

Golf in the Rain, Whisky in the Dry, Book into the Shelf

Oct-11, 2013 – Golf Open – Year VI, Svachova Lhotka, by Men of Tyn(e)

“There's no bad weather for golf, there's only improperly dressed player!”

This has been a leading theme of the bravest of our members, Tomáš, who adventurously took part in the competition! Fact is that our golf level is not that good, and we only could enviously watch others to snap the aged prizes from Orkney islands!

However, we got lucky in the evening tasting competition. After the organizers had decided to eliminate the professional in disguise P.K. from the amateur competition, we got lucky in a final shoot-out and could celebrate the first (and very visible) tome into our Club library – Sváťa Buchlovský’s Whiskybraní with personal dedication!

Our favourites of the evening:

  • Macallan Sienna
  • BenRiach – Whisky Festival CZ bottling

First Get-Together in Vienna

Apr-13, 2013 –  6. Whiskymesse, Vienna

Guests:  12.Men.of.Tyn(e), Men of Moravia, M.Lopko

After having encountered a few individual visitors from Czech republic at previous Whiskymesse events (one way or another, we have participated at all of the since the very inception in 2003).

This time, we decided to invite all the participants from Czech republic to a short get-together during the afternoon – you can see the result on the photo (courtesy MoT).

Our favourite:  Tomatin 1984

Associate member of our Club I.H. was so impressed by the whisky – well, he makes no secret that Tomatin is his favourite distillery after all – and took home the beautiful decanter, albeit empty ;-)

50 ppm Where It All Started

Sep-8, 2012 – Celebration «50OF5»

Five members from a group that studied cybernetics at the Technical University Prague in 1980s decided to organize a joint celebration. Out of many crazy ideas, some stuck. And one of them gave the birth to our Club: We decided to get a special edition of Scotch single malt whisky just for us!

Besides the Kilchoman - «50OF5» Limited Edition, we also organized a rum tasting with Marek Lopko, where many more people turned up that expected. We had enough liquid fortunately, and the undisputable tasting’s favourite became the bottles of Pyrat and Atlantico Private Cask.

Secret weapons – X4 and Supernova

Mar-28, 2009 – 4. Whiskymesse Wien

One way or another, we had chance to take part at all the Whiskymesse fairs organized every two years by Dr. Mario Prinz since 2003.

Fact is, most fun ever we had in 2009. It started with the Glenmorangie masterclass led by Annabel Meikle, and it was right after the complete revamp of the whole range after the acquisition by LVHM.  Having obtained the secret password from Annabel, we moved to the Ardbeg booth and requested a sample of not-introduced-yet, under-the-table Supernova - those were the times when Bill Lumdsen and Jim McEwan competed who can squeeze more peat into a whisky.

 We continued with animated discussion with Robin Tucek, owner of Blackadder, who insisted on explaining to us where his parents come from. That followed by the BenRiach masterclass with James Cowan – due to overfilled room, we had a strategic role of distributing the samples to the individual participants. Well equipped, we made a short break to watch an important volleyball match in the nearby sports hall. Then we came back to have a chat with Barbara McEwan and her team at the Bruichladdich stand, having tasted the early Black Art, first quadruple-distilled spirit-to-become-whisky X4 and left with a bottle of multi-vintage Peat to round off the entertaining evening.

Gospel from Top of the Table

Apr-14, 2007 – 3. Whiskymesse Vienna in 2007

The third Whiskymesse in Vienna had the privilege to welcome Jim McEwan, the image of the freewheeling Bruichladdich distillery.  Jim delivered one of his famous masterclasses, including the ever popular Whisky Gospel orated from the top of his presentation table!

We also had the luck to participate at the Caol Ila masterclass, led by Kay Fleming, who soon after became the distillery manager of Glenkinchie. Here, our eyes opened about Caol Ila!

And the whole evening was crowned by a win of one of our associated members at the Chivas Roulette – the price of the evening being Chivas Regal 12yo!