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Hitting the Ceiling?
[posted May-28, 2016]

Many people believe that we will are ahead of an inevitable whisky crisis. People who have some money and are ready to spend it in whisky, are getting completely switched off by the pricing policy of distillers (across the world). And people who only can spend that much will be changing to other spirits with better price-performance ratio.

One nice example if the Glenfiddich Gallery: Launched more than a year ago, it offers potential whisky lovers to choose their whisky over 25 samples, and design their own label. However, for a price tag of £660 for a whisky from 1990 or £440 from 1993. Or £100.000 in case of  1958 vintage ;-)
What's interesting to see is people apparently do not buy into this over-priced gimmick, as the status of each of the samples shows.

It's All Magic and Chemistry
[updated Aug-26, 2016]
Infographics are growing in popularity, and we have two recommendations for you.
First set of various posters comes from the Pop Chart Lab; the info contained here stays on layman's level.
For chemistry buffs, or if you finally want to see the culprits of your headache that may come now and then,  you may want to have a look at Compound Interest.
Interested in alcohol consumption per country? Look here!
Have not heard about Indian whisky?
Ever confused by the Solera process applioed, for example, to Glenfiddich 15yo ?

Transparency - Compass Box
[posted Feb-18, 2016]

To underline our resentment against the NAS trend, 
where distillers put customers in the dark more than before, 
we fully and openly support John Glaser's Whisky Transparency Campaign!

[posted Dec-30, 2015]
PF2016 Mosaic

We wish all our friends lots of nice encounters 
with whisky and its fans 
in the upcoming year!

CU in 2016 :-)
PF2016 photo mosaic created with AndreaMosaic.

A year ago, we were ranting about the NAS and whisky-prices trend.
Entering 2016, we just link you to Serge Valentine's outlook!

Hot News - Whisky Bible 2016 (Jim Murray)
[posted Nov-20, 2015]
Jim Murray knows how to draw attention to himself! 
Besides Canadian supermarket whisky winner, 
Czechia's Gold Cock scores 97 points!
And - we will meet him again at Whisky in Bratislava

Hot News - WhiskyCast
[posted Nov-15, 2015]
Congratulations to Mark Gillespie 
to the 10th Anniversary of his incredible Whiskycast !!!

Who's Share ?
[posted Apr-22, 2015]
1.5% a year dedicated to Angels - fair share, you would say! However, move to Bangalore and the yearly "tax" hikes to 12%. It takes less than six years to see your cask half empty!
Hence, the name for the 8yo (introduced two years ago) and now 10yo Amrut is more than appropriate - Greedy Angels!

A Few Winter Drams
[posted Mar-1, 2015]
Before the first official whisky event that we decided to take part at this year, we had a chance to taste a few samples. And we decided to take them into our this year's informal quest for the Best Affordable Whisky, as one of our founding non-members coined the term!

  • Starting with Ralfy's 2014 favourite Benromach 10 - heartwarming, but wish for a bit more at the end. Hope to try the Cask Strength soon!
  • New kid on the European whisky block, The Belgian Owl - in need a few more years clearly.
  • John Glaser's GKS series - we had samples of the two Experimental Batches editions, but we give verdicts only after a full bottle has been tested at different mood situations. That happened with the Glasgow sibling - brings you to the peaty side, and we felt there's the last portion of excitement missing.
    Then we came to the launch version of the series, the
     Artist's Blend - and this has become our clear favourite, especially for the start of the evening!
    (You can get the GKS bottlings either in 0.5l or 0.7l bottles! Watch what you buy...)
    Note: John is just celebrating 15th anniversary of his Compass Box. One of us had a chance to taste his very first bottling, the grain blend called Hedonism (it was actually at the same event where the breakfast with Michael Jackson happened). It's great to see how popular his extremely innovative approach has become!
  • And one more, despite the fact we try to avoid speaking about private single casks - as soon as you find out you really like the liquid -- you cannot get it any more!
    This one was a 17yo Springbank single cask acquired by Potstill in Vienna (to the 17th birthday of owner's daughter ;-) - this is The Whisky !!

Welcome to 2015
[posted Feb-1, 2015]

We woke up from our winter sleep! And straight into the whisky whirlpool by acquiring some new bottles and getting ready for the Vienna biannual Whiskymesse with our own corner and a few guests for newly established Discussion over a Glass (DoG)!

We admit we did not sleep completely, and dedicated the dark winter days to our further education. Of course, we had to skim (as every autumn) thru the Malt Whisky Yearbook and the Whisky Bible. And we also decided to go beyond the whisky borders: We found very amusing Adam Rogers’s Proof, especially the chapter “Smell and Taste” with a lot of myth-busting! And we can recommend Distilled (by Ridley + Harrison) thanks to its very structured approach to dissect the world wide spirits without info overload.
(Note: We haven’t seen yet the second edition of Dave Broom’s Whisky Atlas – if it’s as informative as the first one, we will go for it. And the interactive version seems to open new horizons in the way to spread the whisky gospel.)

Now, here are a few speculations from our side:

  • Prices for older vintage whiskies will keep on hiking due to the scarcity of the liquid L
  • We will see further divide between normally priced whiskies and those driven by pure marketing, the trend started last year by, for instance, Diageo with Mortlach, W.Grant with Girvan or Bruichladdich with PC and Octomore. Diageo’s Special Releases 2015 will again be visibly more expensive than those from previous year L
  • The NAS trend will continue L, large distillers replacing aged expressions while keeping the prices L
  • Asian market for malt whisky will shrink yet again due to the slashing of gift giving; it will grow, however, in the ultra-premium category K
  • Ardbeg and Laphroaig will have some nice surprises up their sleeves this year thanks to their anniversaries J
  • Our favourite, Kilchoman, comes with first Madeira and a vintage 7yo – the latter will be great J
  • Mark Gillespie will reach the magic 555th episode of his unique WhiskyCast J
  • There will be a few fantastic whisky events taking place across our broad home turf J

Our main objective for 2015 is to search and find nice whiskies in acceptable price category!

And, as always – Share & Enjoy!

PF 2015
[posted Dec-30, 2014]
We wish all our whisky friends many happy gold-liquid moments in the upcoming year.
2014 was a very intensive and exciting period four our club and we hope we will be able to keep the level in coming months, with all the exciting events popping up our calendar.

And we hail Ralphy's decision to boycott NAS whiskies in 2015! In many recent cases, the newly introduced NAS expressions are just to fool consumers about the content and the price-to-quality ratio simply tanks!  

But - we will for sure be able to taste a few nice new entrants in 2015 - so let's Share & Enjoy those coming moments!