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DM    ... Derek M.
Doc    ... Dotore
JB    ... Jana B.
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MK    ... Martin Kubala
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PK    ... Petr Krenek
TB ... Theo B.
TN    ... Tom
VH    ... Vasek H.
VN    ... Washoun
ZM    ... Zdenda



Macallan prices 2006 (or 2007)
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[posted Jun-XX, 2016]
When Macallan introduced the hotly discussed Fine Oak series, they also made both the new Fine Oak expressions and the traditional Sherry Oak ones available in their own webshop. It makes an interesting reading today, especially when you look at the prices!
What is event more alarming than the price hike of the aged whiskies is that Macallan try to get the same money (and more!) from the customers for much younger NAS whiskies, just because they are poured onto designer bottles - you know the fancy names: Ruby; Rare Cask; Rare Cask Black; No. 6; Reflexion; M. 
In our view, these products have little to do with whisky, should be classified as jewelry and sold in corresponding retail shops!

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